Sunday, March 1, 2009

The day has come......

What i can say now is the god is very very fair, what ever you do, whatever you will get. This is what happen in my lifetime. When you praise someone or did something good, you will be rewarded. However, if you did something bad, you will be revenge more terrible. I always laugh at my friend who were in an accident before, I take it as a joke in front of the person concerned. This evening I planed to go for dinner outside, I have my helmet on, the sun is setting. I started my engine, a motorcycle engine. I was happy as the engine was started, since the motorcycle had not in operation for 2 days. I tried to put on gear 1, and I started my journey to a food court called SK, a famous food court, I am his totally big fans. I scrolled the petrol pedal, it moved. yeah!!!! Once it started to move, I prayed I can reach faster in order to enjoy my fried rice there with my fellow friends. Unfortunately, when I turned first corner of the road behind the faculty, I slipped and I felled down from the motorcycle. I can't feel the ground, I feel like flying more than fell down, I flew across a drain, and landed on a grassland, my clothes were soiled. The motorcycle spanned toward to the road. At that moment, I can't stand up, I was lying on the grass, I can't ever spoke a single words, the pain had cause me can do nothing. What I can do is tried to bend up my body in a more elegant position. I saw a few of my malay friends and a few strangers came for assist. Of course, I refused because it is too embrassed. I looked my limbs, oh my god! it was bleeding. What a awful day it is?????? I rided and I broke the motorcyle, what I have to do next is I have to pay and repair for my friend as the owner of the motorcycle is not mine. Anyway, this is my fault, I have to pay for it. One more thing that made me more guilty and compunction was the person who involvment in this tiny and minor accident was not only me, I felt sorry and apologized to my friend who were sitting behind the motorcycle. He is a friend of mine, he was injured and he keep console me who were lying beside the drain. He picked up and shulltle the motorcycle which had been fell down on the middle on the road. I said nothing but sorry, I keep saying sorry, I don't know what should I say but SORRY... He is a taught person, he did not panic and nervous, he told what should I do and what I should not. May be he is more experience than me in this... haha... When my friend in accident, I spread the news, and finally, I face that kind of thing. What I have learn don't talketive. Final word I would like dedicate for my friend is Sorry for everything, hope you recover soon. Sorry!!!

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