Saturday, March 13, 2010

He is back!

Today is a bad bad day. I have a strong feeling. A strong feeling on what? Anyway, the day gonna be very bad and it gonna ruin my mood for the rest of my day. He is back. He is a kind of energy, power and temptation. He is coming towards all of us. He is strong, you can't fight back. Only the thing you can do, is run but never hide because he is too strong. He is dark. A strange power no one can stand it and get rid of it. His temptation, one word, bullshit. I believe this gonna bring more and more disaster to human being. Man kind will end soon. WTF!!! Not that serious. Three word, explain all, HE IS BACK! All the people get ready and face him. Feel free and dont let him get rid on you. HAHAHA...

Who is he? Guess!