Friday, October 22, 2010


Only one thing in my life which cause many problem is 5 o'clock!
This 5 o'clock, aka 5pm, 1700 hours, "wu dian" or even pukul lima. In my mindset, is WU DIAN.
Physiological, WU DIAN is a good sign and symptom which indicate a time for class dismiss, time for a bus to go, a golden hours for taking a nap or even a sport hours.
Pathological, WU DIAN dominant everything, empty vessel but make the most noise, cause brain dysfunction, valve incompetent, etc.

Today this disease coexist in seventeen college, and it start to invade many people mindset. It is extremely toxic and danger. Beware and prevent these endemic. Please stay away from the origin of virus, virus WU DIAN. These virus is transmitted through air. At first, it cause sound pollution. Then you thought is nothing. You are exactly wrong. This is the most powerful characteristics of this virus. You thought is sound pollution, in fact is the virus started to transmitted. One way to prevent kindly wear ear plug while contact to the origin and source.

A message brought to you by a patient newly diagnosed WU DIAN disease.

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