Friday, October 21, 2011

A recurrence disorder

All my emotion now is describe as
a lonely people walking down the an empty street in a rainy day.

It was happening long long time ago.
Probably 5 years back.

Now it occur again.

I am not sure whether this is a pathology or just a norm that everyone will have.
After did something,
my mind was cramped up, and started to thinking all the nonsense.
Makes my life so miserable.

Feel so moody and craps of my life.
My life just like a rubbish and trash.
Nothing much!

Living in an imperfection.
So many insufficiency.
Suddenly feel there are many many gap between my life.
No matter how hard i try, the gap was bottomless!

A lot of questionS spinning around my mind!
Why these?
Why that?
I wouldn't figure it out.
Mind block!

I feel so empty right now.
I can't even sense happiness in my life.
I taste nothing but sour and bitter.
All the sensation i got right now at the moment is fear.
I am afraid, my tear was in my eyeball, trying hard not to let them flow out of my eyelid.

I hate this feeling.
I feel like no value of my life.
I am trying to be positive and optimistic.
But I couldn't make it.
I am sorry! I let my mind and body so stress.

It just couldn't get rid of it so soon.
I believe it takes time.
Time is the best solution.

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