Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Awakening July 2017

After hibernation for more than half a decade, I am awaken.
These 5 years many things happen. Always full of surprise.
A lot things change, the world changes, people changes, weather changes too.
the most incredible is my blog still can log in.
I am back to single. Imagine the life for 10 years, someone with you. Now everything changes.
I have to do everything by myself.
Looking into the mirror, telling my something nice.
Buy myself some good stuff and costy.
Being alone in some where far far land from home is extremely difficult.
Watching someone you loved walk away.
Is time to wake up. Can't keep living in the past and f**k move on.
It was bleeding love, keep bleeding, bleeding and bleeding.
I am change too. More mature? More caring? Is just a lie.
I believe one sweet day will come one day. But when is it?
No answer and no one knows. Just have to wait patiently.

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