Tuesday, June 30, 2009

By the way, I love holiday.
I can sleep, jump, walk, shop, and eat... But not in my sem 2 vacation, I really bored out through out my whole holiday, it is because of the influenza virus H1N1.
I cant even meet my friends who are going to admit to uni. All of them are freak to meet at the public.
Last Monday, i feel I was having some headache and painful of muscle. Walao! cant even shop. I was sick, suffering from fever. a mild fever. After a pill of panadol, I feel much more better.
Finally, I have my contact lenses, it was a blue, true Sapphire in color. WTF! another new challenge for me, WEARING A CONTACT LENS. According from youtube, is easy job! Just put your contact lens on the tip of your index finger, make sure in concave. Another hand, pull your eye open as much as you can. While, the the eyelid cant close, the cotact lens were put straight into your eyeball.
WTF, is simple after the instruction.
The 1st day, I spend more then 15 minutes to put the contact lens into my left eye.
More worse, 20 minutes for the next contact lens.
It looks like an alien. yacks!!!!! complaint from my sis, mother and grandmother.
after looking thru the mirror, it more like a ghost...haha...
but it is fun, reali thanks to jessie lim and Chow tze suen.
they triggered me to own during penang trip.
Though it is hard to put my contact into my eyes. I had to squeeze it into. Haha...
the most happy is while taking off my contact.
I done a big mistake, haiz...
i did not greet my buddy birthday. Sorry!!!

anyway, My holiday is over. school is start again. assessment is coming.
By the way, new member of buddy is coming too.

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