Thursday, June 4, 2009

My holiday...

Do you all can spend a whole day in hostel doing nothing?
Could you all stand this kind of holiday?

I totally bored out my 5 days holiday after my final exam.
I went to MINES for 3 times.

Can u all believe i went to MINES 3 times in 3 days...
I cant believe I did that.


Personally, i hate Mines shopping complex very much.
I don't like there as there are cheap... OMG!!
I cant believe I went there 3 times.

My holiday started at 28th of may,
1st and 2nd day, I really enjoy my vacation.
We went to karaoke, BBQ and steamboat.
It is awesome...

My vacations started to get bored when my friends went back.
It is sunday morning, our house's driver started to pack and he got into his car on evening.
After all, our dream brust, we cant even get out to a nearest coffee shop.
We were forced to eat at cafe, everyday, every meal.
I used to order telor bistik. a fried egg with tomato sauce.

Finally, we cant tahan anymore...
we planned to have an outside meal.
wakaka... Leong Ya, our favorite food Zi Bao Kai..
We eat it for 3 days... Me and ah seng one of my house mate.

O fcouse the worst part is we went to MINES after dinner.
For 1st day, is still ok, as we went at night.
Next day, we went to MINES in the morning, have a movie with popcorn plus 1 cup of coke. Is wonderful.
3rd day, Leong Ya again, MINES again.
What makes the 3rd day so special is I went out with some one different.
You all not gonna guess who is it?

Can u believe that....

I really surprise when i Knew i want to out with him. WTF...

one thing to complaint is our UPM FPSK admin crew...
all are in fxcking atttitude. WTF....
today, what I saw their expression, OMG!!! u really want to beat them...
esp a guy which lack of hair and bolded.

Anyway, I am back to penang now.
no more complaint.
no call after 4pm mean no resit.
safe day and holiday.
Wishing everyonrehave a hapi holiday...

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  1. okok!wei,book wat sri sayang la,u said cheap de,i leave it for u all penang guy to book for us ge la...haiz,not gud pun if u go bec to hometown early,coz I went to help my dad's mom 打斋,damn san fu n tiring,so u should be glad that u can have ur 3 days spent at Mines there...kaka