Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bad New!!!

Sadly to announce, 啊狗狗 ,a kai chai of mine...
he passed away this midnight.
Sad sad!!!

Lets pray for him. Ai Dao for 10 seconds!
Rest in peace.
Hope you can go to mouse heaven.

From all your Kai Yea who love you. And your Father Low Li Tatt.
1st Kai yea: Lee Sing Seng
2nd Kai yea: Goh Ming Chun
3rd Kai yea: Lee Yong Li
5th Kai Yea: Leung Hak Keith
6th Kai Yea: Loh Lynn Hooi
7th Kai Yea: Ooi Chin Chuan
8th Kai Yea: Moh Cheng Keat
9th Kai Yea: Eng Kah Joon
10th Kai Yea: Chong Yee Tong



  1. wtf?!yy??y soooo sudden de??
    what happened??

  2. oso dun noe... when we came back from the silly game then he die jor lo... haiz...