Friday, October 2, 2009


Today is everyone's dream day, Friday. Friday is the day for everyone to relax. Me too. I like friday so much coz it is a sign to tell us a short holiday is coming up. Sometimes, I wondered why don't we have a '4+3 policy' means 4 days work and study while 3 days rest. This must be a perfect combination. Yea!!! Thank God is Friday! I love this quote from prof Lye. Haha...

Today my class ended at 12 noon. What a beautiful friday. I slept for the whole evening from 1 pm to 6 pm. In fact, I do have a class in this afternoon, but one of our UPM vet. Prof forget the schedule as this afternoon has a class. Then she went to else where. Haiz... Nowadays, not even the student is terrible, same as the lecturers. Sometimes, those lecturers are like that keep finding student's mistake but they not even look at them. Why don't I go for shopping? You must be doubtful. Actually i am running out of money, I am broke! I withdrew 200$, after paying medic nite fare and to treasurer for class fund, total 200$.

Alright, that's end of the topic. Now must plan what could we do if the class finish in advance. Following is some of the recommendation:

First, if we ended class at 12 noon, and after this is free. We can choose to have a shop at else where. I know this is not a great idea for some non shopaholic, but is a wonderful way to kill time for those who like and loves to shop. I am one! We can choose any destination, as long as the venue is applicable to our condition, the trip must be very happy and meaningful. The range is varies in size, price and distance. Even a short, small shopping complex can fulfill our joyful. haha... Beside, we also go for karaoke! after 5 hours of singing, OMG!!! feel relax.

Second, if you wan something lightly and not pack with others in ktm station and public. You can choose to online. The latest web that surf by UPM FPSK K17 student were facebook, and blogger. I am not strongly recommend as impossible to sit in front of notebook computer and surfing for the whole day. since the wireless network is not good, so it is hard to perform smoothly. Some of my friends they can online and watching movie and drama at the same time, so this is better than only online.

Then, if the two is not your choice, you can have something sporty! Today, my whole house went to stadium to play badminton. To kill time does not mean you have to go such a far away, you can carry out sport even in your room. For instances, jog from your room to others, then jog from others room to balcony and back to your room. By this way, keep jogging, after a few round, the distance you have jog is long. This even can jog when bad weather, drizzling or downpour. Hahaha... By the way, sport brings us a better lifestyle.

Finally, if you really don't have anything to do , don't want to study and read, have a clear mind, I recommend you to sleep. Sleep can regenerate someone energy. so sleep more doesn't mean anything bad. So just do it, if you want to sleep, fight for your right....

Personally, I love friday so much! I think most of the student as well. haha...


  1. ur jog sounds so stupid! lolxxxx... wakakaka...
    find a time la... shopping, sing k all i sure willing 2 join... eat as well... super ONZZZ!!! but no sports plz... wakaka ^^ a bo... i rather sleep or on9 n boil drama... hehe ^^

  2. walao... if next time got class dismiss at 12... i definitely go to shop... regert lo ystd... wakakaka!!! then i ask you go ah.... haha