Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blur.... !!!

After a long time of resting and thinking in the reading area of the library, I was wondering whether I accepted the job is good or bad? Who can give me an answer. When he asked me to take the job, firstly, I was happy because I have a job to do at least. At the same time, I was thinking it is a burden to take it, although it is fun, but it still a heavy huge stone step on your body. Then I decided to rejected his offer. When I looked into his eye, he had some attarction and some obsess with his offer, it is hard to reject someone sometimes in some situation. Hard to open my mouth, thus, I just knocked my head to admit I want the job. It was fun honestly, I did not lie. Is true! The job offer is fun, I was happy. After all, I leave the hall when he proposed his offer to me to library. On the way to library until I sat on the sofa, I keep wondering and thinking!!! My head is spinning, a lots of question marks, even duckling also. Am I right to took his offer?! Am I so fast to accept it? Should I take more time to consider it?! I don't know. I am blur. Everything in my mind is a knot now. Hard to untie all the rope *me neuron fibers. Did someone really can help me? I don't lost the time with my friends during the dinner?! Can I accompany them more please?! If given a chance I would refuse the offer. Now is too late, I think so. It is hard to reject and off somebody. I had off him once, and that time he is not in a good mood for almost one week at least. Haiz... Someone please help me!!!

These few week and days so busy on ASS!!! Mony more assessment ahead so suffer. Every week have to study. So tired and stress. Someone please teach me some to reduce stress jek?! hahaha... For instance today's ass, is the shittiest assessment ever. Makes me wonder tomorrow ass would be how? Hopefully,is better than todays ass la...

These few day, don't what makes me feel so anger and annoying to the environment factor. may be hormone imbalance or may be bleeding period is coming. Feel like can't stand all the situation. Really sorry if I have done any unlike to you, really sorry! I apologize. Sorry!!!

Last but not least, Mc goh trip is back. A trip to Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, if this trip is offer last semester, I will go. But now I feel so frustrated and struggle in the middle of the ocean, whether go or not. He needs the answer by this saturday, I have a 50-50 to go. This time nothing much to take my attention to go for compare to last semester. Blur!!! I want go or not??!!! Please!!!! So tired!!!

Now alone in library, in front of the dekstop, very queit computer room, only my typing sound and playing the plock in the same time. So KX... My mind now is blank, a clear A4 paper, a new one. When I bend my head up, no one is in computer room, no one!!! except me and a stranger. She is playing facebook too. Mee three.



  1. haha...will discuss with u later at the dku...:P
    cheer up la...

  2. 1st, erm... if u realli want 2 reject the job... n duno hw 2 kai kou... i will help u la... dun1 see u so frust... ><
    2nd, or u still choose 2 accept... i gurantee i will help u... and i will suggest u to choose more juniors... u juz be the head... and find another 1st year head... then u juz gib him all the intrustions while u still can enjoy the show and the with ur fren... no worry... sure will help u one... ok
    3rd, y i duno mcgoh trip de???!! hahahaha... if u feel want go then go la... dun hav ohm then dun force urself la...
    4th, nvr noe u r tension, anger and stress pun... hope i can help... dun worry guy, is ok ... will be ok... cheers!!!!

    erm sai giang... XX heong dai teng ^^

  3. just accept the offer larrr..
    i can see he already vy "fan" with the event..
    just help him a bit larr..
    we will go find you after he finish eat de..

  4. Erm... act i oso want to accept de, seem him fan oso... kolian him sometime... so now i want to organize my staff. haha.. who want to join?? Backstage boy???