Monday, November 9, 2009

Evacuate the loneliness

Lets evacuate the loneliness!

Post weekend I found something really important in my life, that is sound. No matter what kind of the sound was better than too quiet and silence. I found something interesting is I can't stand for this kind of life where no entertainment, no transport, and no food. Last weekend really freak me out. I can't really believe i can live in this situation. When you are lonely, your mind will try to compensate with something else, such as sleep, ...... etc. Have a nice guess. And tend to did something wrong of course not that. Haha....


  1. fuiyohh...
    u din finf me..
    me oso at cllege merr..^^

  2. lolz...I know u alwaz do what when u r alone!!!hahaha