Monday, November 2, 2009


A lot of unfaithful things happen around me and friends recently.
So tired to catch it up.
Very tired to say good bye and let go.
Many unexpected circumstances is happen among us.
and everyone of us, cant take it as a reality.
But this is it.
No one can change it. Neither you and I, even the god.
But miracle was.
Today's head line:
"Three Utar students drown at waterfall, a fourth rescued"

What a tragedy...
And one of them was my friend's friend.
He received a call from on of his friend.
And this is call life.
A life should has an ending, where should not end like this.

Do you find yourself get into crush sometimes?
Coz I do.
Lately, my life will never end with this crush,
and making me freaking out.
When you were falling into a crush or being crush by someone.
The thing, word or luck keep flying around your mind.
Mean while, I cant get off with the words "LYE"
It is freaky Monday.
Monday always blue, isn't?
I guess so.
Everything happen to me nowadays,
can't take off with lye.
My epid SCL tutor Prof Lye,
UDE advisor, Prof Lye.
Today is my friend's birthdays, name Lye,
My supervisor for package 11, Lye.
When can I take off this crush.
Monday is black. I agree.
Don't you?

Lethargy now.

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