Saturday, November 14, 2009

A sudden feeling

Today is Friday.
Friday is the best among the others. Since friday is a sign of resting and relaxing. Nothing worse than working and studying during friday, so just relax. By the way, when friday is a day for everyone to look forward to, most of us like friday. We can mad yo in the friday's night. For me absolutely positive agree. Beside, friday is only the day for laundry. Coz i love laundry, and enjoy it so much.
This week's Friday, mean today. I had totally lost. I had a feeling of being cut and dump along the countryside. A sudden feeling so sad, monotonous and coward. Simple word down, more informal might be "emo". I know i had something to do with pervious incident but I don't know how to manage it, while it kept inside my heart, I had to suffer from a bad feeling every single nanosecond. I have lost, what should i do?
I had a feeling so unbrisk. Feeling like lying on the bed and have a deep sleep through out my weekend. Very tired to go for a date or outing. I feel like i was flying above the sky with blueish cloud with my flying unicorn. Dont think of anything, just relax.
If I dream of I found a cave where it had a lot of cash money, a lot and many and the most. I pick it up and smell, is money. I was so happy then no one. But sudden I woke up. I knew this is a stupid dream and a story. But it feel so good.
No matter how my feeling have, it is more compliacated than the last week was.


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