Thursday, February 12, 2009


Before I started to blog, I laughed at my fellow friends who were blogging. I thought blogging was just wasting time and money, as time is golden and even platinum.

But now in the present, I was addicted, in what? In blogger website. Now I loves to blog, I found a lot of things I could share with my friends. I cannot stop myself to stop my typing any single words and post into my blog site. I went to computer lab which located only 0.003 miles from my lecture hall to start my blog. I even play truancy for 720000 millisecond ( 120 minutes = 2 hours) and came for blogging, I skip my Malaysia National hood lecture which suppose to be 3 hours, what a silly thing I had done. Sometimes I feel upset, angry and bad temper when I can online to do my assignment, p/s: main idea is to blog. Then, I knew that I was addicted very severe.

I fell depress and scare, if people realize that I was addicted and loves to blog; because one of classmate hated us, of course some of us, not all excluding me, I think. Why? He is our class representative, his job is to upload a article to our class group web page. I must say he became our class representative, as he was selected. I hope this day wouldn't come to me.

Now I started to promote the best of blogging, beside I tried to made it low profile. First person, I promoted was HPY, she is a girl in my course, she is pretty sweet girl, we used to be traffic light as we always wear like a traffic light, usually I was in green, light green, not a standard colour but accepted; she used to be wear bright yellow color, very bright and shinny, very sunshine, so she is the yellow light, indicate to prepare to stop. Actually, there had a red light guy from my house, he is guy who stay next two my room, but I refused to promote.

I was addicted,
yesterday morning I took my assessment, microbiology assessment, after the assessment, I feel very free as the following assessment will be the week after next, many days for me to prepare. So, this weekend I can go for blogging thourghout the whole weekend.

Now, I am sitting in front of this computer, beside me is one of my friends, Ah Joon, he is a blogger too. He introduced this 'drug' for me and now I was addicted. I can live without blogging, blogging is my live now, of course come after study as there are too many assessment and lab I have to catch up. He able to post many blog in a short time and some of his experience were wonderful and touching. One thing I sure is he loves to blog, we are the same boat.

Last thing I would like to remind is blogging is a good activities for young and children, and one thinf I discovered recently was more blooger nowadays are usually old folks... haha

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