Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I feels the bacteria....!!!!!

Study is not a simple job but everyone can do it well and wonderful, but I can't. People say study is a golden key in your future, do you really agree with it? But sometimes when a people have higher education they will have more evade themself towards this environment. I am a student in university right now, as now it is my second semester, meanwhile, it was my nightmare. I can feel the bacteria and parasite all the time around me... Yuaks, why? Because now i am taking microbiology module that is the study of bacteria and the pathogenesis, how the bacteria cause disease and even parasites. Sometimes, I can really feel diarrhoea, when I revision on the topic about the bacteria which cause diarrhoea. Oh my god, even I can feel the bacteria were crawling my stomach, talking with me, swimming in my mouth cavity, making me itch and many more that cannot really describe.

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