Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What are we actually studying for? Is for exam. My friends LOVE exam so much, as I can't stand the smell, the words and the appearance of exam. I HATES examination, test, quiz, and assessment a lot, even my practical report esp my microbiology lab.

So, what should you do to make the following exam to become more fun and enjoy, before the exam, during the exam and after the exam?

BEFORE the exam:
Share your idea with your friends, if doubt about your friends idea, argue with them, "shoot" them, scold them.... haha.... to make your idea more realistic(even is wrong), act fearfully. Haha...

DURING the exam:
Talk a lot in the exam hall or room as this will attract the attention of the lecturer or invigilator. Meanwhile, cheat with also can makes the situation more challenging. When cheating, you enhance your observation around you... haha...

AFTER the exam:
Please! No more study, study only done when the arrival of assessment or exam... =.=... So please don't study after the assessment and exam... Play!!! As a human we must have the time to study, play, eat, sing, dance, talk, and so on... so don't torture yourself, or your body. Let your heart to rest, and listen to your heart what they want.

All the idea above is just a suggestion, don't get caught when your are cheating, and don't argue and scold with your lecturer, respect them.... haha

I more thing to remember, I really hates exam....

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