Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The most beautiful name ever....

The most beautiful name ever is Shigella.

Do you argee with me?

Shigella have the meaning of beauty, kindness, romantic, helpful, self-esteem and peaceful; I loves this name because it can show you this is a perfect name.

If someones called you the name "Shigella", you can fell like dancing, floating all the way down. I found this name during my lecture with Dr. Jega six days ago. He introduced this name to all of us, at the same time, I "fall in love" with this name, and this is the name I never heard it before but I am very familiar with it and passion. Oh my god, I can bear my mind that I loves this name until can dreaming about Shigella all the night.

A friend of mine told me Shigella high IQ ladies will be appreciate and being respect by the others. This is truth, and again was a wonderful name, as S for super, H for high, I for intelligence, G for girl, LL for will and A for appreciate. So, Shigella is stand for a super duper high IQ ladies will be respect and will be appreciate by the others. At last and not least, Shigella is a beautiful name ever in my lifetime.


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