Monday, August 24, 2009

In this 10 minutes....

Within this 10 minutes, what have come across mind, what have inside my mind... all is in here. this blog side... I saw my friend's blog, her name is Jessie. She is a pro-blogger. No one can even challenge her. One of her blog say *parable bubble is fragile, handle with care** a nice picture coming out. Nak Nar!!!! A bubble resemble our life, is fragile, easily broken under any circumstances, life is given for you not only from god, from your parents too. Appreciate every single move. Love yourself means you love everyone. Life is fragile, is easily to disappear. Don't let your family and friends to worry about you . * Love yourself means you love everyone.**

Life full with obstacles, obstacles just like a needle in your life, but if you face bravely. The fragile bubble can become tougher and harder, just like a diamond** the hardest element in this world** No matter how don't try to hide because it will make your bubble more fragile...HAHA!!!

Life is happy. "人生有多少个十年?最重要是痛快。" Live happily makes a doctor away... Of course not me la.... HEHE!!!!

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