Friday, August 21, 2009

*This weekend! what to do, Nothing, Shopping, Watching, Dating, and Sleeping. Choose one! Is time for all of you to choose. If you still have nothing to do, BLEK!!! too awful, is meaningless during your weekend. But now I am recommending the following drama play by a British-born actor Wentworth Willer ( the name is something like that). The story start with a talented, brilliant, intelligent, high educated man get into the jail to save his brother. WTF!!! is a lovely story, full of human negativity, individualistic and greedy. PRISON BREAK... here is it... I spend my whole weekdays to watch it. Day and night. Hot and cold. IS a great drama.
Esp CHOW TZE SUEN who are going to stay at hostel alone without any movement, i think this is a great try...

*Recently, I heard Prof hamid class is awful. Finally, I feel the power of the HA MI GUA. WTF!!! Geng!!! Geng in what? He is a good teacher, in the same time he is a awful teacher. He is a good explain he can clear say a thing, while his class is a bit dull and scary. Scare being select to present without any material. OMG! Luckily, I was escaped. If next time in Ha Mi Gua class please prepare well. In fact, he does not like to discuss anything in the question paper. He more likely to talk on his on topic, some joke that can make him laugh.

Guess what? we are going to Kl sentral to purchasing the ticket to GH* tomorrow. Is a wonderful day I think. *GH carries along a lot of meaning. Is suitable for those who like to play, who like to sick, who are homesicking and who involve in medical conference. So, just guess what were it? Cant wait to go there to play with all upm-kian. haha... Someone propose we should cook there, it is fun to eat in the cold whether. But i think is not a good proposal, as we go there for vacation so should be relax and enjoy with the surrounding.
GH is a successful attractive spot for young and elder. My family my unmarried uncle and my cousin went to GH at 2 week ago and 3 week ago. They asked me, I go with them 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago, they dated me again, I refused. And just now, they called me and asked me whether want to join them to a trip. Then I asked curiously "where?" and they said " GH genting Highland". WTF!!! no point to go there all the time, there is nothing to play. as i know, my cousin is underage to get into casino and my uncle is more like a teenage who did not like gamble, so off casino and banned theme park. They are going on national day, what a big occasion and full of people, how do they enjoy it in such condition. Within one month, 3 times to genting, WTF!!*vomit. they can stand it and with no reason. haiz... don't want to say as I am going too but not with them...

*Accident, if you involve in an accident what should you do?*** For me, I do nothing. One of my cousin in Singapore, he study in Maris Stella high school ( a nice name). He used to walk to school everyday. One day, he walked to school, but don't how, he get crash a taxi. actually this is a top secret, by the way i should keep it confidential, but now... he fainted for few hours, and fracture of YYYY bone... don't which bone but i think is somewhere in his face. In hospital, he is enjoying sitting in his wheelchair. Haiz... meanwhile, when walking around please aware of the thing around you. is damn dangerous right now.

Lady Gaga... Just dance.Lady Gaga... Poker Face... A TOP 10 Billboard in US. N multiple award winner. yeah!!!
Can't read my can't read my poker face....!

A weekend end it up with MS notes... haha!!!

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