Friday, September 11, 2009

15 steps to be A high achiever

I just had my lunch in McD. Is crowded. I lined up to take an order, at the same time I grab a magazine beside the line. I saw and read an article in the magazine, a McD magazine called 'myc!' . An article about steps to be a high achiever. Is totally useful in our life time, no matter what age are you, what status are you, what people are you. So I tried to blog it and share with YOU!!! HAHAHAHAHA

15 steps to become a high achiever:
  1. Have a goal. In long or short term everyone should have a goal to push up you to move, work and reach the goal. Otherwise, people without a goal, they find themselves stuck in a dead-end of life and dread of having each day.
  2. Take responsibility. Gonna learn to take responsibility for all your action, in order to gain others trust.
  3. Be productive. Count every second what you have done. Others can make it in age of 10, why don't I?
  4. Get Motivated. In this world, due to envy, many people will try to pull you down when you are loss and in failure. So, don't get affected by all this negativity. Discouragement might be a poison to a person's life.
  5. Be cautious. There are many people around you who want to get you down, even is your best friends, neighbour etc. not asking you to paranoid, just cautious...
  6. Get the edge. To fight with others competitors in any industries.
  7. Get experience. No matter how smart you are , no matter how stupid you are, nothing comes to live experiences. sometimes experiences come first than college degrees.
  8. Take risks. No one can guarantee success by that, so take the decision with your head when needed.
  9. Be persistent. Not everyday is sunday, so must have a long try and persistent in order to success.
  10. Predict consequences. Knowing what's coming up next and predicting the consequences and ensures that you have got safety net when you fell. By this way, you can bounce up again if you are fail.
  11. Be prepare to fail. Nothing is guaranteed.
  12. Be creative. thinking out of box, is always good advise. Being creative means on one like you, and that idea makes you special and unique.
  13. Sell yourself. Good packing makes people think about you, always learn to sell yourself to your client. Be extrovert not introvert.
  14. Be thankful. Remember to acknowledge and be thankful. Always learn to humble. Don't let success get into your head.
  15. Solve problems. Don't give question but solution.
These are few points and tips to become a high achiever.
Use it wisely, and through out your life. I have start to learn from the 1st 1.
Hope it have deliver to you too....


  1. wasai!u stupid!!!!!!u type it out copying from the booklet ar?!OMG~~salute u!

  2. wat la... i have modified de... haha...