Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nothing else I can do...

Haiz..... * very emo, depress... A big one means .... Big lah...
Recently, i went to genting. about one week ago, with all my friends *course mate.
In fact, not all of them. just a few who are more closer. We played, ate, and even sang. Really fun. And one more thing i did is SHOP! I bought a bag. With RM 200++, I bought it. I cant even imagine why I bought it. I haven't bought such expensive bag. No regret, coz i love it so much... A green ADDIDAS sliding cylindrical bag. It is some sort like shopping bag and travel bag. It can changes it shape as you like... No regret as i say so.
One more thing was very stupid which had done by them, in fact, I was one of them too... We tried to make us look older, in order to get into casino... OMG!!! Most of people tried to make them looks younger but now we tried to make us look older. Cant accept it! but still have to take this reality. After make-upping, we tried to get in to the casino. Most of us failed to get in, they look upset, they tried and tried using front entrance and back entrance, using superior entrance, inferior entrance, apex and base entrance but still zero. The security guard or something checked their IC card, one word * UNDERAGE* and being kicj out from the entrance. * Imagine a ball is kicked and flew along. Sad and painful for being rejected!!! In fact, this is a good thing and a great sign, you were blocked because you looks young. No matter how we pretend we are still young friend! This is reality. YOUNG & YOUTH!!! haha....

Now I am sitting infront of this laptop to blog. Beside doing this I read my books and handout. My life has gone, no target, no direction. I feel like i am floating in this air, my plantar surface of my foot unable to touch the surface of the floor. Lack of energy.
Finally, I know how a person feel when he loss his direction. I more like a string-snap kite, floating and flying along the wind. The wind blow from west to east, then i go west to east. the wind stops, I stop my footstep. So tired. Lately, I skip a lot of classes, same as many people. I don't have to mood to go for a class. I feel so boring in my life suddenly, back from Genting Highland. So lonely, even though many people are around me. In fact, I want a long peace rest period. I want to rest, out from this stressful lifestyle and live in peaceful countryside.
At the moment, nothing else i can do, beside study, eat and pending for raya holiday. Everyday were in moodless, not moody or no mood. Is totally gone. * feel like my soul is gone to somewhere else... haha... Ya, I also online surfing internet, but WTF!!!! I hate and dread the wireless network. Keep disconnected, and some kind of busy network of the system, cause internet slow and jam.

Sometimes, I keep started to plan for my precious holiday. Where will I going? What should I do in ____? With who? What is my budget? A lots of questions come across my mind. HAHAHAAHAHA.... Stupid question you might think. In fact, All of this is stupid.

Studying?! Ya, I am study in the same time and blog in the same time. All over the body, i hate my head and neck. * do not recognize CNS yet, so at the moment is head and neck.* A head and a neck have many many part, many many triangle, many many muscle, many many nerve, many many blood vessels, many many bones and many many hair.

Nothing else I can do. What can I do now? Study, eat, sing, online, and skip class. HAHAHAHA... Really tired these few day, really suffer a lot.

Waiting towards my RAYA holiday... don't you? lets wait together. HAHAHA!!!


  1. not used to seeing ur emo blog... =(
    fast de la weekends and holidays... can go play again with ur family... ^^

  2. This few day rili men dao... beside going out with one gal la... haha... U?? hw is yr day before holiday??

  3. i wan go out oso... wanna watch movie... wanna window shop... wan gai gai... but no money... T_T