Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Life start with a blank paper, what do you write and what do you draw, is up to you. No one can take the pencil and write and draw for you. You are the only person that can take the pencil which is suitable for your paper. Even parents they can even help you or accompany you to write and draw all the time. It just like our life, when we were born, our mind is clear, clean, unpolluted, good and free from disease. In young, parent teach us, but doesn't mean you may write down everything from them in the paper. When time flies, grow in the environment, changing in characteristics, all this is you particular individual, start to write and draw in the piece of paper. Some one may have wonderful and colourful pictures in theirs paper, some one might have dull and black and white color pictures, some even would have peaceful drawing, some could come out with violence picture. It all show people's characteristics. We can judge from the paper. We can deny every good man's picture or heroes drawing would be colourful and peaceful, nor all the criminal's paper is full with darkness. Coz everyone can have mistake, could lead to failure, but the good man know have to withdrawal from failure or mistake. A sheet of paper of life is important, whether there have a black dots, no matter how you can erase it. If given a chance, I would like to have another new sheet of paper, but I know it is impossible.

Life has the beginning and the end. So I learn to appreciate the entire life and things around me. Don't you? When we take about death, some one may fell unlikely. Me too. But I have to take it. May be I will death 50 year later. 50 years is not long, but it is enough to have wonderful, colorful , and meaningful life. Appreciate everyone around you. I have miss once, I don't want to have it again. I knew she talks a lot sometimes and I get frustrated. But if have the chance again, I learn to love her much more.

Life is science, all parts of your body is significant and unique. Is the most complex structure. What called the best machine ever. All the network are well arranged and all have their own function. Impressive. Our body is a kind of robot, robot need external fuel to generate energy, while human being need food to generate energy, more accurate is gulcose, isn't? Robot need wire to control, while human being have its own nerve supply. Robot have computer microchip, but human being have a brain * a brain which have more than 1000Tbytes space, where can occupied more than 6 sets of encyclopedia, I read from one article from sin chew. See how great is our body. One thing robot does not have is life. We grow from fetus, human being have emotion, feeling, and sentiment. Human being know what is love more than a robot do. If I have a chance to choose between human and robotic machine. My answer would be HUMAN. Human is great. We have limbs, head, neck, and thinking. We can do what ever we want to. How you move, how you grow inside mothers uterus, how you speak, see,and listen, find out the answer in medical journal or article. Life is science, a biological science and medicine.

Life is fully with happiness and sadness. We can judge ourselves. Although we have sadness sometimes, in other way of thinking it could be a special point and become happiness. Personally, I am thin, I don't think is a sadness but just a problem. A minor problem, and it don't even interrupting my life to become a cheerful young man. Sometimes still bothering my life. HAHAHA... Be happy all the time, not so difficult. I am glad and thank god, I am born in a good condition , I can speak, see, talk, and completely. I can walk by myself. So I appreciate my life. I don't have cleft lip, deaf or muted. Really have to love yourself.

Life is fun. Find your life fun when ever you can. Try to have some act like children, youth and old, and it is totally awesome. Have a try on all type of food available. No point to live if you don't even try it once. Isn't? Dare to have sugar, dare to BBQ, dare to drink soft drink and alcohol??? One of my relatives, she banned coke, dried meat, high sugar content food, high salt food, MSG, etc. OMG! Have a try once twice is okay, that why we are living but don't over. Most thing get worse when you have it over. It apply to many concept in studying too. I couldn't sit o the table with a handout for 10 hours. we must stretch and move. Don't stress too much, after read, relax by have a nice hot shower, and a cup of cappuccino. Yeah! a 5 star enjoy. Life should be fun and stress-less but shouldn't be scare and frighten of.

Life is simple that simple that you may think is complicated. Life is fun, happiness, and enjoyable. I wish I could go bac to young time to spend my life again.