Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brazilian BBQ

Have you ever been to BBQ? You must think that Brazilian BBQ is ordinary, using a fork and pinched the chicken and put on the stove there. If you think like that is totally wrong. Brazilian BBQ have the name of Brazilian style.

The shop were decorated very Europe, dimmer yellowish light, playing soft music and the decoration. Really special. It costs RM 28 person. The BBQ menu consists of mutton, squid, beef, fish, chicken, deer meat, fries, baked banana, baked pineapple etc. Means in a price of RM 28 *no plus plus, you can try so many type of meat. And it is unlimited refill and order. Beside BBQ it slao serve desert, pasta, spaghetti etc. Soup too.

It is a great try for this weekend* opps, not this weekend may be the next or week after next.
And it latest promotion which free one head charge with 8 head charge or rebate 10% for 15 person dine in. So, if you want to have it please contact us as soon as possible.

Happy Holiday.... Meet after the holiday.