Friday, September 4, 2009

A heart of consideration

Considerate people is a good attitude.
Some of people who do not considerate about others is bad.

If you can help other in any circumstances,
you are very good.
If in any circumstances that you wouldn't give a hand,
but you try to show your consideration for,
you are considerate.

Simple things as small as:
you just reduce the volume of the windows player or switch off the light
when you realize your roommate were fell asleep.
In this case, you show your consideration.
And, you are a considerate people.

in this community there still have a lots who do not show this point.

If you can to that, you are a more successful human begin
compare to those of do not show this.

One people* in order to protect his fellow identity, OP as his
In fact, I not talking people bad things at the back,
but, i just taking this as one example.
OP is a man, he is kind, hardworking and generous person.
But he is a dirty guy.
He can strip the fruit and left the remnant on the dining table.
And the next day, as the sweetly, it full with insect.
Who going the clear this stuff?
ME or others!
OP also has a roommate of course.
He woke up early then his roommate, then he will open the curtain.
The sunlight shine upon his roommate which is still sleep sweet in his dream.
So OP's roommate always complain about his problem.
In fact, there have a lots of problem but...

Consideration is important.
Consider others as your part of your body.
Please don't do anything you don like to others.
Coz you also don't want this happen to you.
A heart of consideration.
Don't always thinking of yourself.
thinking of others,
thinking and feel your heart,
what really you want to do.

Consider people is a relief of worried.
Consider people is not a major part of helping.
Consider people would be a simple task compare to help.
Consider people in the same time also thinking of yourself.


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