Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is Nature

Everyone will gone some day...
No matter who are you, US president, celebrity, prime minister, prisoner, or a living peaceful citizen.

Lately, our refrigerator suffer from a tumor.
After diagnosis it was infected by fridge tumor virus.
It is a malignant tumor.
It loss its cooling function.
Dysplasia of ice on the wall, cause it profuse watery dripping on the floor.
Cause the door unable to close.

the production of milk spoil.
So kolian...

After examine,
he were start the surgical removal of his tumor,
3 surgeon are undergoing this major operation.
Ooi, Hooi, and Tatt are the 3.

The tumor is stage 3. no metastasize but invade into the basement membrane...

3 surgeon are in operation to remove the tumor.

in the procedure of operation.
A mistake from one of the surgeon.
He knocked the wall of the fridge accidentally.

The wall was opened.
His BP, HR decrease.

At last,
Our refrigerator passed away.
Rest in peace...



  1. OMG!!! ur story is totally interesting!!! but how come of the surgeon din wear clothes during operation de?? lol....

  2. is bcoz u all never wash the fridge larr.....

  3. wen ben de da a jia: coz sometimes our clothes is contaminated with bacteria, so shirtless is better than wear a clothes. a new method to reduce infection...

    AJ: die d lo... now waiting to sent to coffin...

    iki: when we wan to wash, li tatt broken the wall and got gas release somemore... so horrible... mb broke the internal organ o something....

    wait to buy one...

  4. I AM BROKE!this time no need count me in...^^

  5. =.='''
    u dun wan meh... if we buy new 1...