Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad Beginnig!

What I told myself yesterday is I have to attend today's class, cant skip class. I try to wake up as early as possible. But I fail to do so, i got up at 755. I late to the class. I trried not to bring anything to class* as it seem like I went out for washroom or something. I fail again the plan. When I reach the hall, the damn fat uglyest lecturer, scold me why i was late... So embrassed in front of the public. in the same time, he also scold another group, but they were in gruop, not that embrassed. I really depressed. *Damn fat uglyest lecturer RAM... is fuzzy guy. Can't even let student sign in mandrian, no early dismiss, and can't sit together among same race. So mafan... Hate him... Big fat pig!

1 comment:

  1. ha!
    agree with u...
    he think he did so many research..
    then vy geng..