Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Money! $$$

''Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich mans world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich mans world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
Its a rich mans world''

Chorus part of Money money money, From Abba.

Frankly I love this song. I love this song so much more than you do. Because i am a money lover. Without money a person lose his or her feeling of being safe and the feeling of free from danger and threats. Some stupid people will said money is not everything, money can't for all purpose. Are you sure? Ya, we can't denied that money is all purpose and used it for everything. But when you running out of money, you are really in a big big trouble. When I was young I used to listen "no money no talk" from a primary school's bus driver. Means whether you have the money you can speak a lots in front of others. This world is not fair, don't listen up to any thing like fair, there no such thing as fair. The fairest thing in the world is MONEY!!! That why everyone loves it. Do you? For me 100.01% loves it, and there is no edge for money limit, is the best is infinity. Even though, old man said after you had passed away, you can take those money with you, in date, many people still make and found a lot of money. Is money an angel or demon? Both la, of course, isn't? Some people can betray their friends, killed their relatives, selling drugs, cheat or something, steal and make crime, is just because of money. Some times, is really demon, evil. Sometimes, money really helps a lot in poor. Even a single dollar, you may help them to live happily. Money is important? again, my answer definitely important, 100% important. In this cruel world, no one will pity you if you are poor, so try to make your own money, no one will help you when you are really running out and lack of money. Only one will save you is yourself. Money money money, everyone, don't care who is it, you, me, he, she, care about money.* I love the dollar sign $**. Money gives us s lot of entertainment, we eat, club, disco, travel, etc. all deal with $, see how important our friend is. By the way, there have people spend the money in a wrong way. We need to learn to save after we gain. Don't get obsessed by the lust of money. No point to spend all your income, we must save it. Prepare for the time of emergency or future. People tends to use money as bait, to swindle some simpleminded person or teen or junior salesman. These people try to call you, email to you or what ever, and try to cheat you and said you have won anything, bank in some money in order to collect the gift, or many other tricks. Some did fortune-telling by taking apart Chinese characters, so as to cheat people of their money. Some passed himself off as the managing director to defraud the bank. Some swindled under the asssumed names of bank employees. Money can't buy luck, health and age. Yup, money can't buy it no matter how much you paid, how rich you are. Sometimes have luck rather than money, have health rather than money, money can't buy memories too. I read a article 3 months ago, memories is the important things that you have in your lifetime. No memories, no you, as you can remember who you are, you can recall what do you have, memories tell and remind us who are we, what do we have. Memories is some sort like a motive or driving force of life, it brings colours to life, help you recall what you have done yesterday, and where you keep your money. Although money can't buy health, we can use it as another way round, like we have supplement. Money really change one's impression on you, when you are rich most of the people will try to say good in front of you, while you have nothing from the public if you are poor. Money are really crazy in this globalization. Every year, many many people dead because of money, they borrow from hi-interest finical company, and when the due date comes, they unable to pay back, and finally, under stressful and forceful life, he decide to suicide. OMG!!! So I learn a person must have health and wealth, if given a chance to choose between two. WTF!!! I dpn't have any idea, so I pick up both. I want health and wealth too, no greedy, is common sense, you do need both too.
How to say this is my first earn gold... I must be so happy as you can see so many $10,000... in the wrapping paper...

I am a money lover...

What if beside my towel bowl's toilet hygiene paper is this....!!! OMG!!! I love this kind of toilet roll..... SO MUCH!!!


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